14th Amendment to Act 31/79 (Maldives Export and Import Act)

Bill no: 2017/6 Passed on 2017-06-14

Bill Type: Amendment

Act No: 2017/5 (Parent Act: 79/31)

# MP Name Dhaairaa - 2009 Dhaairaa - 2014 Vote
1 Abdul Bari Abdulla Kurendhoo yes
2 Abdul Gafoor Moosa Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru yes
3 Abdul Latheef Mohamed Dhidhdhoo yes
4 Abdul Raheem Abdulla Fonadhoo Fonadhoo yes
5 Abdulla Ahmed Thinadhoo Dhekunu yes
6 Abdulla Khaleel Nilandhoo yes
7 Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed Fuvahmulaku Dhekunu Fuvahmulaku Dhekunu speaker/acting
8 Abdulla Rifaau Maafannu Dhekunu yes
9 Abdulla Riyaz Kinbidhoo yes
10 Abdulla Shahid Keyodhoo Henveyru Uthuru yes
11 Abdulla Sinan Mahchangolhi Dhekunu yes
12 Yamin Rasheed Velidhoo yes
13 Ahmed Amir Kudahuvadhoo Kudahuvadhoo yes
14 Ahmed Asad Dhaandhoo yes
15 Ahmed Azhan Fahmy Maavashu yes
16 Ahmed Faaris Maumoon Dhiggaru yes
17 Ahmed Mahloof Galolhu Dhekunu Galolhu Dhekunu yes
18 Ahmed Maruzoog Felidhoo yes
19 Ahmed Mubeen Bilehdhoo yes
20 Ahmed Nashid Komandoo yes
21 Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik Vilimaafannu Vilimale' yes
22 Ahmed Rasheed Gahdhoo absent
23 Ahmed Rasheed Ibrahim Isdhoo Isdhoo yes
24 Ahmed Saleem Eydhafushi Eydhafushi absent
25 Ahmed Shiyam Naifaru yes
26 Ahmed Siyam Mohamed Meedhoo Meedhoo absent
27 Ahmed Thariq Mahibadhoo yes
28 Ali Arif Vaikaradhoo Kelaa yes
29 Ali Azim Medhu Henveyru Medhu Henveyru absent
30 Ali Fazad Fuvahmulaku Medhu yes
31 Ali Hussain Kendhoo yes
32 Ali Mauroof Kendhikulhudhoo absent
33 Ali Mohamed Velidhoo Holhudhoo yes
34 Ali Nizar Hithadhoo Dhekunu yes
35 Ali Saleem Funadhoo Funadhoo yes
36 Ali Shah Fuvahmulaku Uthuru yes
37 Anara Naeem Makunudhoo yes
38 Asma Rasheed Maafannu Medhu yes
39 Eva Abdulla Galolhu Uthuru Galolhu Uthuru yes
40 Faisal Naeem Kaashidhoo absent
41 Fayyaz Ismail Gamu yes
42 Hassan Mufeed Abdul Gadir Milandhoo yes
43 Hussain Areef Nolhivaram yes
44 Hussain Manik Don Manik Th. Guraidhoo yes
45 Hussain Mohamed Mathiveri Mathiveri yes
46 Hussain Mohamed Latheef Faresmaathoda yes
47 Hussain Shahudhee Hanimaadhoo yes
48 Ibrahim Didi Feydhoo yes
49 Ibrahim Falah Inguraidhoo yes
50 Ibrahim Hassan Thoddoo absent
51 Ibrahim Mohamed Didi Hithadhoo Medhu yes
52 Ibrahim Mohamed Salih Hinnavaru Hinnavaru yes
53 Ibrahim Naseer Mulaku yes
54 Ibrahim Riza Guraidhoo Guraidhoo yes
55 Ibrahim Shareef Maradhoo absent
56 Ibrahim Shujau Baarashu yes
57 Ilham Ahmed Gemanafushi Dhagethi yes
58 Imthiyaz Fahmy Maafannu Uthuru Maafannu Uthuru absent
59 Jameel Usman Gemanafushi yes
60 Jaufar Dawood Ungoofaaru yes
61 Mariya Ahmed Didi Mahchangolhi Uthuru Mahchangolhi Uthuru yes
62 Mohamed Abdul Kareem Henveyru Dhekunu yes
63 Mohamed Abdulla Ihavandhoo yes
64 Mohamed Ali Dhuvaafaru yes
65 Mohamed Ameeth Ahmed Manik Maduvvari yes
66 Mohamed Aslam Hithadhoo Uthuru Hithadhoo Uthuru yes
67 Mohamed Falaah Maafannu Hulhangu yes
68 Mohamed Hussain Kanditheemu Kanditheemu yes
69 Mohamed Ismail Hoarafushi yes
70 Mohamed Musthafa Thimarafushi Thimarafushi yes
71 Mohamed Nasheed Kulhudhuffushi Dhekunu Kulhudhuffushi Dhekunu yes
72 Mohamed Nazim Vaikaradhoo yes
73 Mohamed Rasheed Hussain Alifushi yes
74 Mohamed Shahid Hulhudhoo yes
75 Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim Thulusdhoo yes
76 Moosa Manik Hulhuhenveyru Hulhuhenveyru yes
77 Moosa Nizar Ibrahim Keyodhoo yes
78 Muaz Mohamed Rasheed Madaveli yes
79 Nazim Rashaad Thulhaadhoo Thulhaadhoo absent
80 Gasim Ibrahim Maamigili Maamigili yes
81 Riyaz Rasheed Vilufushi Vilufushi yes
82 Rozaina Adam Thulusdhoo Addu Meedhoo absent
83 Saud Hussain Viligili yes
84 Saudulla Hilmy Thinadhoo Uthuru yes
85 Umar Hussain Manadhoo yes

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